French Country Manor

Traditional miniatures are those which we have seen for years—the ones we call dollhouses. Houses, often churches, garages. Often we think of Victorian houses, farmhouses, and barns. Most often the traditional houses have some vintage or era they are trying to depict.


Although I have been extremely realistic in some of my miniature pieces, I made no attempt to be historically accurate or create vintage pieces in my traditional miniatures. They are filled with things I like or ideas that I wanted to try. So be warned. They are all fun and detailed but certainly not historically correct!!!!


Also, you will find that my houses do not have families—I have never found an entire miniature family that suited me. So some of them have characters like Patty and Leann…


And some have no people….

So although my traditional miniatures have many features, they are not historically accurate. But enjoy them, for their decorations and the fine contributions of many artisans throughout the world. Contact me if you have questions about individual pieces, lighting, wallpaper art work or design.