Full Village

The Village was actually constructed as a Tudor Hamlet by an English artisan Gerry Welch. It is a complex structure with four sides. Each side contains shops and specialty services. For the sake of clarity, I am going to present a look at the Village from each side separately.

The best place to start is the crowded Town Square! The Town Square is actually one side of the Village. Looking directly at the Square, one can see the both the side of several stores and the Manor.

The Village square

There is only one shop that opens directly on the square side. It is the tea room. The Village Tea Room was a creation based on the Village itself. Notice that the borders on the wall are actually the very same borders on the top of each of the Village pages on this website.Tea Room With a computer, some help, and a lot of patience, these houses are actually taken from various pictures of the Village and then captured, miniaturized and put in a border. It is unfortunate thatĀ  the carpet is not visible in the pictures. Thanks to the many talents of Marcia McClain, it is also a replica of one of the Village pictures! Tea sets, silverware, food and accessories come from all over the world. Libby of Lilliput Arts gets all of the credit for hand painting the Village buildings on the chairs and painting teapots on the furniture. The Tea Room was the first room in the Village that I completed. Once I had that shoppe planned, it seemed that all of the rest fell in place.

The Village Main ManorĀ  Side

Main Manor Side

This view of the Village actually shows the open shoppes. To reach most of the shoppes throughout the Village, the front of the shoppe, school, or public buildings merely comes off. That also has allowed for easy decoration.

Although all of the shoppes came painted in a dull off-white with some form of flooring and a basic light, decorating and pulling the shoppes “together” served to be a challenge. Much of the wiring required repair or replacement by the time I was done. Most spaces were left intact; a suitable border, curtains and lighting enhancements served to be a challenge enough! These spaces are small and required some imagination to decorate!

The main Manor is located at the top of the stairs. The first three floors are the entry complete with a set of full armor, the formal eating area, and the bedroom

The interior of this side is best viewed through a gallery. Each photo in the gallery has a complete explanation.

Main Manor Side Gallery

The Tavern Inne Side

Tavern Side

This view shows the open Tavern, Blacksmith Shop, Cobbler, and Needful Things. In addition, the cemetery and alley walkway are visible. There is an alley that runs under the tavern that has a cart. Note the chimney sweep created by Jamie Carrington. There is one shop that requires some explanation, Needful Things. This shop is a reflection of the book Needful Things by Stephen King.; there is more description in the gallery. All photos are accompanied by explanations in the Gallery.

Tavern Side Gallery

The Mortuary Side

Mortuary aideThe mortuary side actually only has 3 rooms which are detailed to open. One of them is in fact the mortuary where there is a hand visible from a coffin….

Below is the Gallery for the mortuary side