Phantom of the Opera

For Christmas of 2001, my husband gave me a magnificent Lady Jane 3-wing Conservatory. And for many months it was empty while I tried to come up with a theme for it that did the magnificent work of Linda Clark justice. Finally an idea came to me—well, actually, the idea came to my husband! A depiction of the Phantom of the Opera Masquerade Ball…

Jamie Carrington created all of the dolls in all of their costumes. In this case, the best description is actually just the pictures of the various dolls. The colors and uniqueness of the costume design speaks to Jamie’s unique experiences in the theater in England. While the Phantom stands dead center in the Conservatory certainly creating the focus of the scene, each wing also has a focus. In one wing the masquerade participants are sitting, standing and talking. In the second wing is occupied by the musicians, their instruments and stands. The final wing of the Conservatory displays the food fit for a ball. Please enjoy the Gallery below.

Phantom of the Opera Gallery