The Stairs

I was always slightly disappointed that Rik Pierce and I could not figure out how to create the stair illusion from Harry Potter in Hogwarts. No matter how he planned or what ideas I had, we could not incorporate stairs into the castle. So I began to realize that the only way to create the stairs was to create them as a completely separate piece, a stand alone project.

So the planning began from a cardboard box with cardboard stairs to the finished project. The entire project is detailed in the photo gallery below. Of all my projects, I feel like I “own” this one completely. There are several details that need to be described so I have created notes below the gallery. Of course email me if you have additional questions.

The Gallery of Staircase Photos


  • There are over 300 pictures on the walls of the stairs. I  got them from the internet, books, and other prints. About 60 of them are lenticular to give the illusion of movement on the walls. Lenticular photography requires some work and some study. For more information visit  Russell Brown’s website.
  • There are many witches and wizards scattered throughout the project to help create the illusion of activity. Many of the dolls were created by Marcia Backstrom.  For information on a specific scene or doll, contact me
  • Details—stairs, and many of the detail bannisters were created by a marvelous artisan, Mary Ann Stage who welcomes ideas and questions. Although she primarily builds in half scale, she is quite a collector and artisan.
  • Several of the staircases do, in fact, move. Although for the most part I see no reason to move them, it is possible as they are hinged and supported for movement.
  • This structure, like all my structures, is not for sale.