fr_full[1]The Lawbre French Country Man with Wings

This home was created by Lawbre Company in Illinois. I have two full structures created by them. In addition, I use their finish pieces, windows and doors quite extensively. It has been my experience that they create fine structures and support their work.

The interior of French Country is actually 8 main rooms, 3 stairwells and 2 attic rooms.



Just a few highlights for you before you begin viewing the galleries.
  • Most all of the window treatments are from Marcia McClain of McBay miniatures. She worked carefully to create just the right flair for each room. I think as you walk through The Manor you will enjoy the diversity of curtain, drapes, colors, fabrics and design.
  • Lighting came from three main sources: Ellen Blauer, The Lighting Bug, and NI-GLO LAMPS. These represent a mix of costs, designs, and colors.
  • Most wallpapers came from the William Morris Collection. They represent actual period wallpapers in England.

The rooms were individually planned, crafted and developed and deserve some special attention. Two rooms were really creations of Whitledge and Associates. The kitchen is a Noral Olson design, and the Alice in Wonderland room was hand painted by Libby Martin. The living room furniture was hand painted by Renee Isobel.

The galleries are divided into the first floor and second floor. The attics which are not visible from the front or rear views, are displayed in the second floor gallery. And there are two rooms on a third floor which do not require a gallery, but are shown below.

1st Floor Gallery

2nd Floor Gallery

The actual third floor has two dormers. The one on the left is an ark bedroom for a boy  and the one on the right is an art studio. The art studio is filled with art supplies, easels and paint.

Ark BedroomArt Studio