The Monastery Front

The Monastery (Half Scale)

In 2006 I decided that I had so many miniatures that I would venture into the half-scale world. So here we are! I completed two Bill Lankford pieces before I finally decided to give it up for 1/12 scale!!! There pieces arrived with their exteriors primarily complete. The challenge was to create interiors with all the details that are my personal passion. The library actually came pretty close, as did the kitchen. Unfortunately, I found that I was not up to the challenge in several rooms—there simply wasn’t enough space to create full tables, cluttered beds and more…

Stained Glass by Barb Sabia

Wonderful work in stained glass in miniature

I had several attempts at the stained glass windows and finally settled on an artisan that I think created the windows suited my space. her name is Barbara Sabia and I would recommend her work to anyone.

The best way to view all the spaces and all the monks is through the Photo Gallery. The monks were created by Ellen Poitras. There are detail descriptions of all of the photos and rooms in the Gallery.