The Roadside

Many miniature collectors prefer to stick with dollhouses of various kinds; Victorian, modern, French Provincial, Tudor and more. There are all sizes, types and qualities available in these houses . And for many miniaturists, it is more than enough to tackle creating accurate replicas of periods or time. They spend years researching and developing their houses.

Mot me. I  never researched a house, period, era, decorator or anything like that. I just decorated houses any way I chose with no regard for authenticity. I am not at all a purist. I just wanted to build.

So with that in mind I present my less traditional pieces. These include a church, a tavern , a factory, a wayfarer’s station, a Phantom of the Opera and more. All of these less traditional pieces are my venture into the real world (or fantasy world). And I have found over the years that I enjoy these pieces as much or more than my traditional pieces.  The links below will send you in the right direction to pursue your interests in the less traditional  world of miniatures.

Factory Interior 2