There are many fabulous websites today. Years ago one had to go to a shop or a show to purchase something. Today, all one really needs to do is “surf the web”. Now that being said, there is nothing that tops a really good show!

One note: This list is a work in progress. It is not complete and does not represent all of my favorite artisans or sellers. it is merely a starting point. I will be adding to it as time allows!

Please feel free to send me your favorite links and artisans!

Here are some links to get you started:

  • Imagination Mall  lists hundreds of stores, collectors, magazines, books and resources. It is a terrific site. One disadvantage is that it does not sort or categorize the sites, it just lists them in alphabetical order. So if you know the name of an artisan, you are in good shape, but if you are looking for an item, you may need to do some reading through the lists. (each has a description beside it).
  • McBay Miniatures is a website for window treatments, rugs, and furnishings. Over the years Marcia McClain  and I have become close friends. She will create about any window treatment, bedding and furniture upholstery you can imagine. She is full of ideas and plans and her prices are right. Check out her site and send her an email if you have something special—or not so special—you need!
  • Swan House Miniatures is a general upscale miniature store offering a wide variety of items. Greg does a very nice job of finding and shipping items.
  • S P Miniatures is a wonderful online store and one of my favorites. I have been doing business with Carole Singer for years. She carries a wonderful assortment of everything! Check out her site!
  • E V Miniatures is a show house  for the creations of Ericka Van Horne. she does a fabulous job on fantasy miniatures—and other miniatures you might like! Ericka continues to expand her selection and skills and her site is fun to view. I have been working with Ericka for years and am happy to say we have become friends.
  • Tom Bishop Productions is the site to view all of Tom and Leni’s show. Although I love the International Show, every show they offer is wonderful with a variety of Artisans and sellers. A great place to browse and shop!
  • Sal’s Site is my first and original site. I am purposely leaving it up and will link the two sites. Those people who have become familiar with that site might not want to make a change to this site, an there is no reason they have to. There is a slightly different focus on each site but the miniatures are basically the same. One caveat here: I will not be adding to Sal’s Site on a regular basis but will be adding to this site quite often!

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