A Church in KennebunkportChurch exterior

How do we ever get started in any projects? Is it inspiration, some crazy idea, or maybe a dream? Well, in my case, most of my projects are a combination of the three! In this case, here is how the story unfolded:

 …the inspiration was my brother, the Reverend Will Billow…Will

…the crazy idea was to build a church
…and the dream was to create St. Anne’s in KennebunkportSt. Anne's

And…then all I needed was a Builder. And so I set to work with Jeremy Collins of Gable End Designs. And you see below the wonderful result!

So here we are….here is the church, here is the steeple, and open the doors…

Church opening

and here are the people!

Church interior

The people were created by Carol Bull of Bags of Character. That handsome priest bears some resemblance to my brother…and please notice the two people in the front pew—they are President and Mrs. George Bush!!! But of equal importance to former President and Mrs. Bush are the KNEELERS!! They were created by one of my favorite people and best friends, my daughter, Beth Lamb. The needlework on each is unique and bears a custom design.

The stained glass windows were designed based on photos of the windows at Kennebunkport. Below are just two of the fine results.
Please contact me if you would like more information.

 church window 2Church window 1