The back exterior of the Burrow

The Burrow in the Harry Potter series is the home of the Weasleys. The house is built so crazily that it must certainly be held up by magic. It is likely to have once been a farmhouse (though it looks more like it might have been a “large stone pigpen”), on top of which several crooked stories look to have been added . Currently the house has six bedrooms and six stories, plus an attic, with a rickety uneven staircase climbing among the stories. Overall, despite the garden gnomes, the old boots and chickens littering the yard, and the ghoul in the attic the house has a cozy, warm feeling. Harry Potter considers the house brilliant!

My Burrow is a structure modeled from my imagination and vision of the house. It is certainly not intended to represent the author’s description. Rik Pierce and I once again collaborated to create this piece.

Of course there are many magical elements to the Burrow. Look for the dishes washing themselves, the yarn knitting by itself and the magical plants. The floor is mopping itself, there are extendable ears hung here and there, and the tea is pouring itself in the bedroom. There are brooms in flight, clothing just “hanging around” and Dumbledore in the fireplace floo network. Please feel free to contact me with questions!

Many thanks to the wonderful contributors and friends who helped make this dream come true. Special thanks to SaraGrace Lamb, Marcia McClain and Ericka VanHorn. I have split the galleries into an interior and exterior. Basically all of the rooms are visible from the “back side” of the Burrow.

The Interior Gallery

The Exterior Gallery