The ice box with one section open

When I was a child growing up, when we asked what was in the icebox (and we really meant refrigerator!), we heard milk, cheese, pudding, meat, leftovers, etc. Well, not so in this icebox!

This icebox contains hidden treasures of a different sort! ROOMBOXES!!! 6 ROOMBOXES TO BE EXACT! Because there are so many photos of the six rooms, I have chosen to highlight 2 and present the rest in a photo gallery for you review.

Each roombox depicts an entire scene. The rooms aren’t part of a house, they are each a “stand alone” roombox. The first highlighted box is…


I had wanted a Lawbre Roombox for several years. They create marvelous custom pieces. So when I sent them the detailed specifications and samples of wallpaper as well as the lighting, I knew that I would end up with a marvelous roombox meeting my every expectation. I had visualized a deluxe oriental carpet shop in some hidden away location. And here we have it! Now, a few details…

I rolled up inexpensive carpets, put handmade labels on each and stacked them for the Oriental Shop atmosphere. The carpets that are visible are the more expensive “real” carpets. In addition, the shelves hold artwork and pottery rather than books.

To create the illusion of a three dimensional area rather than a roombox, I used a back hall, with closed doors and special lighting. A door on the side wall helps to complete the illusion. All of the woodwork throughout the shop is done in a very dark wood. The floor is wood panels with inset borders on the edges.

The second box I have chose to highlight is…

GRINGOTT’S BANK (from the Harry potter series)


the bank form Harry Potter


Gringott’s bank has goblins running it—so of course there had to be some goblins!



A goblin



Prior to the goblins, this was a Harry Potter box. But I converted it after Hogwarts was created. Below is the original box

Harry Potter room

The rest of the Icebox story will have to be shown in the gallery below. There are explanations on each of the photos.

Here is the diagram of the icebox roomboxes for reference:

Diagram of the icebox rooms