Potters Studio

The Potter’s Studio

The Potter’s Studio was a fall/winter “fancy” a few years ago. Lady Jane created this marvelous structure of stained glass. I knew instantly that it would not be a typical greenhouse; this wonderful structure was destined to be just a little different…

I studied it most every day and let my mind wander. I had purchased a potter’s wheel from Craig Roberts of Green County Pottery Works…and so the ideas came together in the form of a Potter’s Studio! Perfect! My potter could work in ideal surrounding!

Marcia Backstrom created my potter based on her imagination and my description. Craig was pleased to supply pottery pieces, clay and accessories. And the rest of the studio came together with the help of Earth and Tree Miniatures, Darrell Williams of Williams Wood Works, Barb Plevan, Jeanetta Kendall and Hammer-n-Smith.

Side View


Potter Side OneThe Potter really helped make the piece come “alive”. Although this piece is not complicated, it certainly is a showpiece in my miniature collection. It has been displayed and published in Miniature Collector’s Magazine.










Potter Side 2