The Roadside

When I purchased the Mill from Rik Pierce, I really did have every intention of creating an old time mill. But, as luck would have it, my mind wondered from the mill to something else…a Wayfarer’s Station. What you see here is the result of letting my imagination carry me away!!! Before you get overwhelmed by its clutter and”business”, read the explanations below.

Here is the brief explanation that hopefully will clarify photos. Then just enjoy the photos and a world of fantasy!!!

Like so many miniaturists, I seem to be of several minds. I have the mind that works and lives in the real world—where we work to support our passions, where Tuesday always follows Monday, and where we handle all of our obligations. But I have another mind….the one that creates miniature scenes and wakes me in the middle of the night with ideas. I believe this mind holds the most significant part of ME; my miniature world is expansive and brave and creates a new life in me…just like so many other miniaturists I know. Just like YOU!

This fine fellow you see in the boat is leading the way between the two world. He lights the way. Depending on your life advantage he is leading you into death or into something much better…The man in the boat

Now for a “map of the mill” or at least some directions!

The inside of the mill (which is only 2 stories with a total of two rooms) containing just a few wayfarers representing all of our worldly obligations and trappings. Our clothes, and money and worries and masks that we all wear every day. I pushed the phrase “skeleton in your closet” to the limit and put skeletons in the trunks. I spent a great deal of time filling the trunks with our life treasures—books money clothing fond memories and all our trappings. Things we really can’t take with us but think we can….

The outside if the Wayfarer’s station is another matter entirely….. There are four busy sides.

Water wheelThe waterwheel side is Side 1 and is seen in the photo to the right. There is a photo gallery below that describes each photo and names each side.





Side 2 is the side of the station that opens with just a few magic carpets and characters…Exterior Side 2

Side 3 is the storage area; the door is open a dragon watches out for all of us.





Side 4 is the  busiest photo.

Side4The adventure begins with carpet bags— lots and lots of carpet bags…. and a circus wagon, and a wagon and a cart—and of course a troll and a few fairies and lots of magic carpets. (How else do you get around in the world of fantasy???) Carpets are everywhere!!! On the roof, in the vines, hanging over the building. They each represent something different but all are as full as they can be. There is a mapmakers as all of us need a life map, the holiday carpet representing all of the holidays, and lots more. And then there is my carpet—the one with a sink full of dishes and running water, books, plants, and other treasures. Some have goggles to protect your eyes on your flight, others have clothing or shoes (I happen to really like shoes); no two carpets are the same and no two represent the same elements.
So with that brief introduction to my Wayfarer’s Station, please enjoy the photos and use your imagination to create your won magic carpet! Happy flying!

NOTE: More dolls have been added to the Wayfarer’s Station, so expect new photos to appear in the photo gallery!

The Wayfarers Station Gallery